Hi people I need help solving the following problems. Any help will be greatly appreciated:

1. Create a simple python application that displays a list of movie titles that match a set of terms, which is given in a text file called "input.txt". The content input.txt must be:


The program must use the entry in the input.txt to search the csv file and the values to be returned must match the keywords of "harry", "potter" and "harry potter" without being case sensitive, to match the movies in the csv file "moviestats_large". In this csv file attached, the name of the movies are only in the first column of the csv under the column "name".

2. The second part to this problem is to create a web application that produces a web page containing a scatter plot of the worldwide gross and the metascore. Subsequently, select any three of the given reviews in the database (Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, The New York Times, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, Empire, Variety, Salon.com, The Onion (A.V. Club), TV Guide, Slate). Also using scatter plot visualization, investigate if there is a correlation between the review scores and the worldwide gross.

Any help would be of great appreciation and of great help
Thankyou in advance :)

input = open('input.txt')
import csv
data = open('moviestats_large.csv')
def searchMovies(query):
for movie in MoviesDictionary:
for line in open('input.txt'):
if query in movie:

this is my code so far please help me to create a query thats accepts an input and searches for matching/ containing terms in the csv file provided

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