hello everybody,
I am installing some (~10y old) research software which must have been using vb4, because when I started installing it failed because it was looking for vb40016.dll (got that) than oc25.dll (got that one too), and then PUSHHELP.VBX.
This is where I got stuck, there a lot of references online to pushhelp.vbx, but as an ERROR. Although it is listed as a small file of 25k, I don't seem to be able to find it anywhere.

I tried to install vb4 runtime libraries on this laptop (running XP media) but that pushhelp file is still not on my pc.

I tried to install vb3, hoping that maybe pushhelp would have been installed by that one already, but no luck. Currently emule-ing vb4, but it may never finish to download; also I wonder if this is really the way to go (since vb3 did not solve my problem. - OK pushhelp maybe a file which is only found in vb4, this is what I do not know).

Any Idea of what celse ould be my next step? bear in mind that there is a distint possibility that after I find pushhelp, the installer may look for another file.. this is why I installed the vb4 runtime libraries, but obviously that was not enough.

many thanks in advance,

sorry, I meant to do so, but I have been looking up and down the forums so many times that I lost where ai was.... can you move the posting or shall I just cut and paste it in the proper forum?

I can't but moderators may do :) I don't know :$

i'll post it again, asking the moderators to remove this one from here..

and THANKS for pointing me on the right forum..

Yes, this is a wrong forum :)

That file does not seem to be available for download by itself.

A few things to try
- who did that program originally? Does the company still exists? If it does, ask them for the file(s)
- try to find another VB4 program which uses pushhelp.vbx
- do you really need to use the program or do you have some data for/from that program? If you only need to open some data file, with a little luck it may be in a textual format and you can get the data from the file with some other application