i've attached the file below.. pls gip me a hand!!

Everyone, sing along!

At the top of the forum there's a topic.
At the top of the forum there's a topic.
At the top of the forum there's a topic,
and it says "We only give homework help to people who've shown effort."

Folk song stardom, here I come.

Sorry, but we can't do this for you. You at least need to pose questions to us (if not posting your actual code) to inquire as to how you could implement parts of it. You'll note that the document itself suggests that you break this into smaller problems.

That assignment is a bit advanced and ambiguous for a beginning programming class unless you've had plenty of time to work on it before now, otherwise the instructor is a taskmaster and way too harsh.
Anyway, the assignment's late by now.

Sorry, man. Start earlier, show effort and actual code, and we'll be glad to help.

nvm then.. i'm glad if there is anyone out there would gip me a hand
cuz i just started my programming clas.. and i'm too new to this stuff.. my assignment 1 was just drawing sum flow charts.. but from there.. i duno how to implement it into C.. but anyway.. tnx for the advice!!