i need to lock a label positions so that it wont move during a event. when there is a event happens that label is moving from that particular position.

is there any solution for this

Have you tried absolute positioning?

how to set it to labels which i drag and drop

components will move to keep the integrity of the form. That's automatic, when the forum resizes components have to move around to keep everything filled out correctly.

Absolute positioning is the one thing you should never use, it makes for absolutely unportable user interfaces.

FlowLayouts will move your label around so everything fits in the window. I've never used the drag and drop feature to make a GUI. Maybe try using a GridLayout then putting your label inside one of the containers.

so thats not the solution for drag and drop items rite. there should be a way of lock those labels in their positions.

any more solutions please help me

Use NULL Layout and method setLocaltion

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