I'M using Ubuntu and I'M running python 3. I'M trying to find a pygame download for Ubuntu and python 3. I went to pygame.org and followed the Ubuntu link. I eventually found one link for pygame 1.9, which I'M told works for pythan 3. There were two files, amd64 & i386. I downloaded them both, and they both said that is was the wrong architecture. I'M running an AMD Turion(tm) X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-72. And I can't find pygame at all in the Ubuntu Software Center and I can only find pygame 1.8 in the Synaptic Package Manager. Thanks for any and all help.

pygame 1.9 compiles with Python 3, but it doesn't run, if I understand what they are saying.

At the pygame site, there is also pgreloaded which is a rewrite of pygame. Only alpha quality, they say, but it does work with Python 3.1. http://pygame.org/wiki/pgreloaded

These are all things that you too can find out by actually going to the pygame site, or by using Google.

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