I just downloaded visual studio c++ 2010 express and when I tried to debug my code it doesn't seem to create an executable file. Is there some setting that I have to change?

I created an empty project then added a .cpp file to the source files. Then I wrote my program and at first tried alt + f5 but it says that it cannot find the .exe file although it says that its built up to date.

Try using f7 and then f5. I normally just use the green run arrow in the toolbar. If you hold the mouse over it it say "start debugging".

it doesnt work when i build it says that its up to date and then it cant find it.

when i bulild the function it says its up to date I dont know where the rebuild is on 2010 this is my first time using it.

no most are but there isnt a build menu

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Try it without the Empty Project setting on. Empty starts it without some of the settings that you need (not sure which ones precisely). Just put your code into the [yourprojecthere].cpp file when the project is created. I'll have to look around the menus a bit more but I'm not sure where Rebuild All wandered off to in VC++ 2010. Build is now under the Debug menu.

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thanks for the help but i just switched back to 2008 i know it better.

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