I just downloaded visual studio c++ 2010 express and when I tried to debug my code it doesn't seem to create an executable file. Is there some setting that I have to change?

How are you creating the project and what steps are you doing to debug and run the program?

I created an empty project then added a .cpp file to the source files. Then I wrote my program and at first tried alt + f5 but it says that it cannot find the .exe file although it says that its built up to date.

Try using f7 and then f5. I normally just use the green run arrow in the toolbar. If you hold the mouse over it it say "start debugging".

it doesnt work when i build it says that its up to date and then it cant find it.

try the rebuild solution in the build menu

when i bulild the function it says its up to date I dont know where the rebuild is on 2010 this is my first time using it.

It should be in the build menu above the toolbar.

there is no build menu what version do you use?

I'm using MSVC++ 2005 but I thought the menus were the same when I saw 2010

no most are but there isnt a build menu

Try it without the Empty Project setting on. Empty starts it without some of the settings that you need (not sure which ones precisely). Just put your code into the [yourprojecthere].cpp file when the project is created. I'll have to look around the menus a bit more but I'm not sure where Rebuild All wandered off to in VC++ 2010. Build is now under the Debug menu.

thanks for the help but i just switched back to 2008 i know it better.