im a beginner in visual basic 6.0 and ma teacher give me a project as below:
evaluation of entrance examination i hv fields std name, roll no and mark.
according to the roll no i type and with criteria given(some cut off mark) the particular student information must pop up indicating fail or pass according to the mark.
so i hv a form with a text field to enter roll no and a command button "search".
so when i enter any roll no and after i hit the search button i want the std name, and mark of that particular student specifyin pass or fail to pop up or be using ADO for database connector. and a microsoft access database.
so wt m i going to used for the interface or platform for displayin the result along with pass or fail indication.......pls some1 help me n provide me with a source code!!
may GOD bless u....thakin u in anticipation!!

if your new to VB6, then visit my website, there are lots of sample about database management that I created. You might learn something there. Just download the project you like, then learn from it. SilentProjectâ„¢ Softwares

thx can u pls help me out wit ma above problem ryt nw?? bcos i hv only 2mrw..its ma last date to submit u'knw! dont hv muc time pls some1 help me out......

wow... sorry for the late reply.. lol..
i can only make school projects when I am going to be paid. haha... peace out.

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