I have downloaded the trial package and am trying to update an old project developed on VC++ 2002. The old environment will not develop an executable to run on W7.
The VC++ 2010 generated an upgrade, compiled, linked and lists just a single error
MSB3061 which is labeled "unable to delete file "Debug\(prjname).unsuccessfulbuild"
An application file is written to the Debug folder and is the right size but will not run. There are no other error messages. The help system lists error MSB3061 but says nothing about how to fix the problem.
This seems really strange to me. Compiles and links OK, then writes a .exe file that won't run.
Does anyone have some idea about this problem.

As another test I selected a sample project from the vc++ 2010 trial and the result of the build was the exactly the same error.
I then thought it might be McAfee blocking creation of an executable, but turning off the program security guard in McAfee has no effect.
There is a message that the "A;waysCreate" property is the problem which is controlled in the file system editor, but I have no idea what the file system editor is. I am trying this on a new Windows 7 computer and a help serch for "file system editor" turns up nothing of value.