Hello All,

I am new to programming and have several books on starting out with C++.
I was just curious if there was a publication that has a list of codes and there functions and Syntax. Perhaps with examples of how they are used. Kind of like an Encyclopedia?

Thanks, BandM

The C++ help file from Borland is pretty much what you want. It has a fine index, crossreference and lots of code samples. You can download it for free from the Borland website. It is named: bcpp.hlp

Thanks for the info, but I went to the Borland site and could not find that particular download. There was many file to download. you would happen to be able to post the link here? I would greatly appreciate it. :D

Thanks, BandM

I checked out PlanetSourceCode.com, It does have a lot of codes, thats for sure. But I'm looking for more of a quick reference book on code, like

int main (int argc, char* argv[])
________^..Whats This.mean?.^

I know what the int main() is, but the int argc, and argv[] is a mystery to me. I know that my VS C++ 6.0 automatically sets these arguments when I choose a simple Application. But it would be nice to have a reference to what they do.

Thanks, BandM :)

>I know that my VS C++ 6.0
Visual C++ 6 is a very poor compiler for C++.

>automatically sets these arguments when I choose a simple Application
Then you should start with an empty project. Unless you're using command line arguments, there's no need to include those parameters in your definition of main.

>But it would be nice to have a reference to what they do.
Sorry, but the only reference that seems like what you want is the C++ standard. It covers the entire language in painful detail.

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