Hi! I need to disable a key in vb.net, such as the e key. So i would open my application and tab off of it, and go to internet explorer and try to go to google and it would come out as goolg . How would i do this?

The function of my application, well me and my brother play jokes on each other, and support each others programming. So i sent him "the unclosable application". It is unclosable except he can kill it through tassk manager in command prompt. I have it disable command prompt by searching for any process named "cmd". He renames cmd and it changes the process name. So i figured i would have it hook the keys task and the enter key. I have his permission to send him these, and i tell him what the basic thing of the application is.

The forum has to be able to hook/block the keys even when he is not tabbed into that application.