Anyone know how to open a form inside of a form, that way it doesn't open a new process/ a new bar at the bottom?

How would I do this?

You can open the form as a dialog using formObj.ShowDialog(). But that makes the form modal and you cannot navigate away until it is closed. You can also set the ShowInTaskbar property to false for a non-modal form that does not show up in the task bar.

If you really want the form to be inside a parent, that is an MDI setup. It is more complicated than just opening a form with formObj.Show(), but there are plenty of pages to help you. This is one, and another.

Would you be able to minimize the forms?

With MDI, yes, the child form will be minimized inside the parent. Edward has never tried to minimize a modal dialog or a form with ShowInTaskbar disabled. You will need to test those out for yourself.

I need to make the top of a controlpanel act like the bottom of the form, how would I do that, that way the forms get minimized on top of the control panel