I wanna create a titlebar in visual basic so everytime i create new form, it wont add default windows xp look but the new title bar what i made.

can anyone help me how to do this.

any code will be appriceated

i know how to do it for one form

i set the form's border style to none

i created a label

then changed the color to blue

and then dock it on top but my question is that everytime i make a new form i want this to happen automatically.

I am using visual basic 2008 express edition

any help will be appreciated

how about manifest file to make your program looks like your windows.

sorry but i dont think you get me
my question is...
ok i want to create a whole new different interface for my program.
so you know in visual basic
when you create a new program, the title bar comes in blue with the minimize, maximize, and the close button(windows XP)?
i wanna change that
i want every new form to appear in a new type of interface or color
you can help me the most by giving a code or sending attachments