I want to know how to make a Bot, regardless game bot or not, I want to know how to move the cursor and how to pinpoint it's destination, how to differentiate between right click and left click. I want to know all about Bot making. Any 1 could help me ?

I'm a CSC Freshman Student. Top Class in Practical Coding. If you could help me please let me know :D.

Best Regards,

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You will need OS-specific functions to do that. I assume you're using Windows.
For the cursor, there is GetCursorPos and SetCursorPos.
If you want to simulate mouse clicks, you can use functions like SendInput or PostMessage.
In any case, you'll spend much time studying on MSDN.

n I'm up for it, but MSDN's tutorials seem 2 confuse me xD
And what about buttons pressing ?

Just closed the MSDN, the info .... I duno wt to say :D
No Explanations, no Library guides xD. It's barley even there :D

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