Hello guys we've been given this project at skul to create a chess game using c++ ,
so what i have in mind now is as follows:

i need to create different classes ,lyk i need a king,queen,horse and the other classes bt
i don't know which one will be the base class or should i have any class except the one's i named above.
please help me start .thanks

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Is it just a simple console game you are making?
If so, I would start off with a base class called Pieces. With all the different pieces inheriting from that class. Use polymorphism to return an identifier for each piece. e.g. 'p' for pawn. You will also want a mainGame class and a gameBoard class or something similar. gameBoard will draw the board and the mainGame will be the main logic of the game. Good Luck.

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im also doing a chess program. we also have to use classes to do our project
how do u create the board class .can u use an array of chars ? and how can you output it? i am really not good at C++


@andy124 :
So this turns out to be a good opportunity for you to learn C++. Try to implement thats the only way you will learn.

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