I need chess game implemented in C++,it should be a 1 player game with AI techniques implemented for the computer. i m willing to pay.

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If you're too stupid to google "chess source code", do the world a favour and give up now.
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Man, I'm gonna need a major deciduous forest just to get enough wood to start the fire for the flaming that post deserves!


there is a project called xboard.
xboard is just only the graphical user interface to the underlying GNU chess engine.
Ya GNU chess engine consists an AI engine too than a simple min-max algorithm.And
to hack it's codebase,you needs a PHD in mathematics.

If still you didn't lose your interest , go there.
download the codebase.

believe me that codebase is very complicated, and if you are not a patient code
reviewer to read and understand code first, please don't request svn access from
the project moderator or even submit any patches.

And it's hard but ppl are maintaining it.So its up to you to become patient and
read the codebase until you understand.


He could post the same thing in Job Offers without getting flamed or getting his phone number snipped.

oh man finding a job related to C++ is that much of difficult and complicated?

:( but I never want to lose my job either,C++ programmer is not the most pain-full job in this world.PS:- see why , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKNZdQYF624

This post is related or non-related.However if you think it's very hard to read the code
base like that,it's not he most hardest thing in the world, Think twice before you giving
up ! Good luck !

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