I would like to be able to use an api for reading/writing to a file database. Basically, I will have to write programs that have recovery (meaning if it shuts down, etc. it has a file/files to recover from). I could attempt to write something myself but if it exists already, I would rather just use it....


If you use Visual C++, you can use the CRecordSet (and its variants) to do all the file handling for you. It works very well (in my experience) and will save automatically thru the database application.

I am using visual studio .net, so I will look into that, but I was hoping for something more portable, as I also use SUN Solaris

If you are using Visual C++, MFC has a class called CRecordSet (there are variants of this, as well) that handle all the I/O for you. In my experience, they work very well. In fact , your app won't even need a file menu since the database application will save your files for you.

Thanks, but again I'm looking for something using standard c++/cross platform so that I can run it on windows as well as SUN.

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