I am making a program, where cycles of a process are running and i have to save a report every 10th cycle. The report should get saved automatically, without human interference and should be saved in a non-editable format (say PDF, JPG etc).

I have tried a couple of PDF printers, but they require human interface to save a file...

please suggest me an PDF creator (preferably freeware :-) ) to which i can pass file name and saves automatically, or an alternative method.

An help is highly appreciated.


Adobe as a windows print to pdf print driver that you can download, install, and print to just as you would a regular printer and I believe, if I remember correctly, that you can use an INI file to specify name and directory settings...

Good Luck

Thanks vb5prgrmr...but that did not help...as i could not pass an name to saved file..and it would always get saved with name "Microsoft Visual Basic", also tried changing application title (app.title) before the print command..but didnt work out..

so finally had to resort to creating PDF...i used following tutorial for PDF class..


might help someone :)