hey Guys and Gals,

There has been lots of discussion about fopen64, fseek64 and fread64 functions in C / C++ and Linux. So Far no one has produced anything useful. Just lots of false rumors.

Anyone see an implementation that I can use right now? I need it for RHEL 5.1 x64.



really new here.

MATLAB has 64-bit i/o support, via the "io64.h" library... ive never used it, but i've read people who said that it works well



Know of any ANSI C implementations? I'd like to code it up as close to the metal as possible. No matlab, octave, perl, python or java to get in the way.

actually, MATLAB uses ANSI C code.

<io64.h> is not a standard C library -- obviously -- but I believe it's fully compliant with ANSI C.

check it out before you make any conclusions. I think it's what you need.


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