int i, j;
scanf("%d %d"+scanf("%d %d", &i, &j));
printf("%d %d", i, j);

i have doubt in this program where we are using 2 scanf statment which is nested one...y we are using this corect??
if so please expalin it..

You should have a doubt, because if your compiler will run the code, it will give you a NULL pointer assignment error, right at the end.

At least, that's what I got.

This kind of "fun and games with freakish C syntax ", is a total waste of time, and the sooner you move away from it, the better.

Even if you received no warnings or errors, what's the use of such syntax? It will never be portable, never be standard. Never be something you'd want to bet on would work without errors.

Useless, imo.