i have a function that works for integers.

typedef int Telem;

int readValue(Telem *testdata)
    if (scanf("%d", testdata)!= 1)
        return 0;
    else return 1;

now i converted the integer into a struct

typedef struct Telem{
    int entrytime;  
    int cust_num;   
    int waitime;    

how will i call this function now?and how i will use scanf for all the members of the struct?

thank u

int readVal(struct Telem* tm)
  scanf("%d%d%d", &tm->entrytime, &tm->cust_num, &tm->waitime);

>>Ancient dragon

int readVal(struct Telem* tm)

Can you explain this ? because telem is itself a structure.
Got it.

The word "struct" should not have been there because Telem is a typedef name not a structure name.

you create an object of that structure in some other function then pass a pointer to it, just like passing a pointer to an integer that you posted in your original post to this thread. Example:

int readVal(Telem* tm)
   // blabla

int main()
   Telem tm;