I've been working through the book Python Programming In Context and everything runs fine except cImage. I went to the website to download it, but so far I haven't found a version for Python 3.1.2. I can use the cImage.py file they give on the website, but in order to use images other than gif and in order to use my own images I need to install the PIL which doesn't work with any python version later than 2.7.1. Is there anything I can do to use the cImage module?

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As of this point in time, the only thing you can do is to use Python26 for the book. PIL sooner or later will appear for Python3. but don't hold your breath.

When one third party module like cImage (which i think is just a rewrite of graphics.py with some PIL functionality, and suffers from bad naming since it has nothing to do with C) depends on an another third party module like PIL, we get into real problems with updates. A lot of these book based modules eventually leave the reader/student stranded, as they are soon forgotten and rarely improved.

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