Team -

HELP!!! I have broken my code and it can't get up!

When I go to run my application within Visual Studio I get the dreaded "There are build errors. Would you like to continue and run from last successful build?"

That build runs fine, but how do I restore it to my current project?????


I would say create a new project then import the forms you have created from the former project


What you can try, I haven't had that problem yet.
Go to the solution explorer, right click your application and rebuild your application and then save all.

I hope it helps.

Yea, I tried the rebuild but it didn't work. The program was small so I was able to just start over but I am working on a larger one that if this happens it would cause me a major setback. I still have the bad project, I will give this a try and post back just to make sure I have covered our bases.

It sees that if it will let me "run from last good build" that it would have some way to revert.

Thanks everyone.

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