I want to block Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
I have blocked it now it is not showing task manager.
but problem is that after clicking this combination windows shows window security window with shut down, task manager, lock computer etc options.

I don't want this window to come after clicking on Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

If anyone have solution to it please let me know.


Ctrl+Alt+Del is a secure attention sequence that cannot be intercepted by running applications. The whole point of a secure sequence is that one can be sure the OS is processing it rather than a malicious program. Edward cannot think of any benign reason why someone might want to disable it.

I actually wanted to disable this once for a secure kiosk suite back in my early days of programming.

The only way to break out of the application was to Control + Alt + Delete. It was actually possible to block the combination, but it's extremely complicated and will be picked up by every anti-virus under the sun.

No I won't tell you how to do it.

Redesigning your application, or creating a security script that runs on install is a far superior course of action.

Thanks for all replies.

Actually we are using TV One Box to display camera output on monitor thr' application so while we displaying o/p on monitor which shows whole o/p on monitor, if any one click this combination then problem appears as user can't do any thing.

Actually it should show task manager or the security screen. Either way you still have control of the machine.

Without "breaking" Windows, there is no way to disable control+alt+delete. Also, unless you are an experience low-level programmer, don't even attempt the stuff you find on the internet as you could end up breaking things considerably. This means a bad test may involve new hardware...(in the worst case)

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