Ive been working on an application now for number of months for a client and have developed a small application that uses a firebird backend (ver 2.1.xxxxx)

Now, i managed to fix a permissions issue on Vista with firebird BUT when i run this same app with the database on LINUX, data does not write back to the database

There are

* No errors
* No Log messages saying that there is any issues
* Transactions start and commit fine without a problem
* Accessing the DB via a SQL editor such as FlameRobin or the like, the data DOES update fine but the application doing the same thing does not.
* Directory and File Permissions on linux are fine for the database directory and file

The database has all the appropriate permissions just like the windows db and so on

This is starting to really piss me off as ive not found a fix that works on the linux environment such as it did on windows (which now im thinking is just a fluke)

ANYONE got an idea on what may be causing this to happen ??

Side note: On restarting the application, the written data does not write back to the database (UPDATE SQLs and Insert data is not getting back to the database)

It was the engine between the db and application

Apparently it doesnt like nested transactions but never likes to thrown an exception about it either.

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