Hello every bdy dre.........

I have developed the desktop (windows form) application using C# , with MS SQL 2005 database. That is separate application run in four different centers with their own separate database, but now i want to make it centralized database. For all four center has only one data base.
they enter data in one data base and access the data from one place as with central data base.

My problem is that I am stukked now as i dont have any idea to wht to do
either to develop a new application for this purpose that can have centralize data base (asp,web pages,on network)
have I written any application that will run on a network.
to make some changes in existing application so that it work on centralized database(some little changes in app.confif)
to make a new database
to modify the existing database

Please I need your help on how to achieve this. Any contribution would be highly appreciated.

Huma Satti

Just change the location of the database in the connection string and make sure that you have enabled remote access on your central database.

the next problem becomes authentication. If you are going outside of your domain, you may want to switch to SQL Authentication rather than Windows Integrated authentication.

Another option is to write an application that acts as a database proxy, so your client software communicates to the proxy and your proxy handles communication with the database. This is the *correct* way to do it.

(See Multitier Architecture)

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