-i'm a student and i have been given the task to develop a P2P Voip application.

- the program should work on Local network and adhoc network (and internet if possible) without server.

-The program should have an address book to add unlimited user name with the ip and the ability to call an individual using IP address.

-sip based protocol with G.711 and GSM audio codecs ( selectable)

-the software can pick IP address from the network and show it to the user.

-There should be a channel that let people know when one is connected so that

When someone joins the network, everybody having his address gets noticed. Others will not.

-No password or username required for it to be run on computer ( windows platform XP and above )

-The system should be encrypted (please specify the type of encryption).

-A maximum of ten(10) calls can be made simultaneously.

Please i need help and i will really appreciate if i can be given the source code (please Add your interface to it if possible).

please i really need help.

thanks in advance.

jonsca commented: Don't post across forums asking for your project in 2 different programming languages -1

No one is going to give you the source code, that's unreasonable to ask as it is your project.

Break this down into smaller tasks and plan out what you need to do for each one.