Hi guys,

My group is having a software development project for our academics at a university. The software we want to develop is an inventory system which will be installed in a Local Area Network.

We have decided to use Visual Studio C# (2005 or higher) as the front-end while MS SQL Server (2005 or higher) as the back-end. If the SQL Server and the database to be used will be installed on a local SERVER, can multiple computers or clients within the network, access the database?

For instance, we have developed a windows app for the client PCs that will connect to the local SERVER to access the database. Only the HR department is granted full access on the information, while the Accounting department can only view information. Is it possible for the HR client-PC and Accounting client-PC to run the windows app concurrently?

Can you provide us reference literature or articles? We really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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