Hi Folks,

I got some problems and need your help.

In school, my codes are writeen under UNIX system (Solaris10/SUN), now I need to transfer those codes to Linux (Redhat5). But after I directly copy to Linux, it shows many errors and warnings.

Does anyone know which codes I need to modify to specifily suit for UNIX? I am not familiar with those systems and hope to get your kind help.

Thank you very much.

I found many errors on "exit(-1)" and "malloc" build-in function, what's going on here?

I got, add header file <stdlib.h>

My GUESS is that your program contains bugs that went unnoticed or undetected under UNIX. Post the code.

[edit]Nevermind -- glad you found the problem :) [/edit]

Another question: under UNIX, I use this to complie:

gcc -g -o codes codes.c -lget -lstd -lm

But when I use it under Linux, it shows:

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lget
collect2: ld return 1 exit status

What's that mean? Thanks.

What is get? Are you missing a library named libget.la?

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