Heya i was thinking about trying my hand at programming (once again) so I picked up my trusty ol' VB6...and it hit me.. I have no clue as to where to start, as i've just forgotten about everything i've learned. A great start would be muchly appreciated. I was trying to make a little game that involves a MDI, but I would like the parent window to become full screen. Is that possible, or did I just hit the celing of VB6's limitations?

In the form properties of your MDI form, set the "window state" property to "2 - Maximized" and you would get a full screen application.

that also means the titlebar would appear, as well. I was wanting a way to not have the titlebar show up at all, just the application itself.

Set the Border Style of the form to 0 along with the Window State to be maximized.

Don't forget to add a "QUIT" button to the form otherwise you won't be able to quit the application.

Another way of doing it the hard way is mentioned here.

:mrgreen:Thanks alot! I have no clue as to why i didnt think about that =P thanks alot for your response.

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