i need help converting this C++ to pseudocode help me pleasee

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
string Z[]={"zero","one","two","three","four","five","six","seven","eight","nine","ten","eleven","twelve","thirteen","fourteen","fifteen","sixteen","seventeen","eighteen","nineteen";

string A[]={"zero","ten","twenty","thirty","forty","fifty","sixty","seventy","eighty","ninety";

int N,N1,N2,N3, r;
string text;
if (r<20){
cout<< Z[N1]+"hundred and"+A[r];
cout<<[N1]+"hundred and"+A[N2]+[N3];
return 0;

So you made the code first and don't know how to make the pseudocode? That's kinda hard to believe as you imagine. Are you sure that you wrote this code all by yourself ? :icon_wink:

im no pro at this i dnt even know what im doing... my teacher helped me do the C++ and i dnt know how to do the pseudocode.. pleeaaaase help its due tomorrow !!!!

Im only just learning about this computing stuff. its all new to me... i just tought that someone might me able to help me out with the pseudocode... thank you but i didnt really benefit from ur suggestions.

Then there's no hope for you. Give up now. Programming requires an ability to be able to think for yourself, show initiative and learn quickly.

The first result (Wikipedia as it happens) will tell you everything you need to know about pseudo code. It is not hard.

Secondly, you're writing a program and you have no idea what it does. This is a prime example of why Copy/Pasting/Getting someone else to do it for you is a bad idea.

its not my choice to give up.. i would if i could but unfortunalty i have to pass this subject to drop it... and trust its firt on my list to me dropped

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