I am trying to write a python test script which will start a Server and Client locally and then transfer their STDOUT to two files. This I need to do from the same test script and the asserts should be the next step. When I am doing the same, and when the server starts, my code hangs or somehow don't write in the file. I used subprocess.Popen to start the server and client. I cant post my code over here.

Please provide me the inputs to achieve the same.

Thanks and Regards,

I think that at least some code treeish style thingy would give some idea about your achievement.

For some generic information, i believe you have plenty of scripts under the search. :)

my code hangs or somehow don't write in the file

Add some print statements to see where that is. A guess would be that it hangs because it can't find an address or something. There is nothing else to say as we don't even know what you mean by "client" or "server". Are you running a process on the same machine (like a mail or SQL client server) or somehow connecting to another machine? A simple program to demonstrate would be the next step.

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