hi guys
how are you ?!
hope every thing is alright.
well i want to make something like this one
can anyone help me how could i start in steps ?
what books should i read ?!
Thanks your help will be greatly appreciated.

That is a pretty serious application! I would certainly not start out with something anywhere near that complex! I'm not even sure c++ would be the right language to start a project like that with.

that is indeed a pretty serious one , besides making compiler isnt a joke ..
U gotto understand a lot of theory and concepts regarding a function of compiler , which mostly include Finite Automata Theory and parsing of grammers and a lot of things pertinent to it.

I would suggest you to first head on with building simple text editors using language of ur choice and later on venture out with new things.
and AFAIK c++ is not used for web based applications.

AFAIK c++ is not used for web based applications.

Yes, you're right. It's pretty much Java, JavaScript & PHP.

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