I advice you to desist from this almost imposible task. And I am of the openion that you are not even aware of a fraction of the tremendous potentiality it offers for simple office management to very powerfull computing- options integrating small office to corporate bodies spread over miles apart.

I will explain it very bluntly.

Just open the excel and watch the eyes of the clippit. The whole world is visible in its eyes. Try entering things and again watch. In essence it is a teacher, a guide and an intimate associate ever ready to help enything in this world (ofcourse, computing).

You seem to be surprised?

Just watch what it does with its eyes and get back to me.

That's only one. There are eight assistants like that ready to guide you!

I am confident that along with you, so many in this thread reading this might have a feeling after experimenting, that they have missed so much things in the past, from these tiny creatures which we call as Gnomes.(Sessions). And I hope all of you will soon learn the language Gnomics.

anyone have any idea what the hell is this about

I think she/he is talking about the little paperclip guy that comes up when you go into Microsoft Word (or any Microsoft Office Program) and he/she is telling people that it can be a source of information before coming to Daniweb, but if that's true then she/he is in the wrong forum. But maybe I'm completely wrong.

now u said so
i really cant understand anything

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