Hi all,

I read about a possibility to change identifiers automatically and consistently in VS.

In my VS2008, I don't see the "refactor" menu item in any of the mentioned menus.

Any ideas for what could be wrong?

Any other ideas, how can I rename a class automatically (renaming all occurrences in the code, renaming files, etc.) using VS ?

Thank you


Refactoring menu is visible for C# and VB only. Besides primitive search-and-replace, which is incomparable to refactoring, unfortunately, MS do not offer true refactoring for C++.

There exist several refactoring tools for C++ from other vendors which can be plug-in in Visual Studio 2008, some of them are freeware (I just found this: refactor! for C++ from devexpress.com).

In my opinion the lack of true refactoring is a big disgrace and disqualifies VS 2008 from being a convenient professional tool for C++ developers.

-- tesu

Thanks tesu,

this clarifies the matter

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