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I have a question regarding DLL's. A DLL file is to be written or we just write a CPP file and the compiler generates a DLL for this CPP?

Please answer

Thanks in advance

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The compiler generates it.

The compiler generates it.

What! Please do not answer if you DO NOT know. You have to create a dlls separately. A dll is not a regular file. It is a library of functions which you can later import depending upon your requirement in your cpp file.

I find your implication that I don't know a bit offensive. You have not understood my answer. In your own link you create a cpp file (example1.cpp) and the compiler/linker generates the dll for you. The original question was simple and so was the answer I gave. Let's try to be a bit more polite in future.

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compiler/linker generates the dll for you

This never happens. If you make a Package Project you have to Build the Project to generate it. If you want to make a DLL file you create a DLL project. You cannot expect a compiler to build a dll for you if your current project is a Console/MFC/Header Unit, etc.
I Apologize if you found it offensive, but please be elaborative when you post something.


Let's try to be a bit more polite in future.

I didn't -Rep, I only down voted the post, as I thought it to be incomplete and/or misleading. Though you might be meaning something else, someone( even I) can interpret it as some random scenario: Say, you create a .h file in a Project consisting of functions & it's respective .cpp file. Now will you still say that the compiler will generate that DLL for you? I hope I make myself clear.

AKashL thank you very much. Also m very thankful to nbaztec for the link you gave. I got your point AKashL. Thanks a lot

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