I want to make a Desktop Effect (for example: fallen leave, snow,... on Desktop) but I don't know how to do that (one of these problem is: how can I do "something" on Desktop, because every program that I had programed run in a window) Who can discuss this problem for me.
thanks :)

I don't want to make a wallpaper. I want to make a "Desktop Effect" mean: snow,leaf,...will fallen on Dekstop.
A detail example, I want to make some random "heart" fallen from random on Desktop to the bottom of the desktop. and the problem that I met is:
1)a "normal program" (with me) is the program with title, menu,a window,.... But that program will not have all of them!!! no windows, no title,.... how can!!
2)how can it work in the "real time". It mean that when the "heart" fallen, other windows will working on that desktop.
thanks :)

oh, I google and see that GetDesktopWindow() is an API function. I never use API in C, can you tell me more about that.
thanks :)

who has more ideas for my problem ;;)
thanks :)

>> I never use API in C
Just include windows.h header file and call the function as explained in the link I gave you. Its done exactly like calling any standard C function.

If you want to write that program then you will have to make extensive use of win32 api functions.

>> I never use API in C, can you tell me more about that
You'll have to start using it then. They ease the burden off your shoulders. Follow Ancient Dragon's advice.

>>I suppose you could call GetDesktopWindow() and use that handle in GDI drawing functions.
GetDesktopWindow() will return only the Handle. He will also need to use GetDC() to get the device context & maybe event the rendering context of Desktop window.

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