well,I got some fundamental programming knowledge in C# and some Visual Basic.
Inheritance,Arrays,Loops,DataBases,and create library files in VB.NET,create classes in VB.NET and ,create properties and methods and some other things.

currently I follow Ivor Horton's Visual Studio 2010 and I feel it may take years to study the whole 1000pages< book ,I am still in end of 2nd chapter and it took 2 weeks cause I have played Mass effect 2 last week(and finished it) :icon_mrgreen: ,and wasting times online without knowing I pass times like hell.anyway

can anyone tell me how long it takes to finish the whole book.?? I want the default time
don't say it depends person to to person I know it that's why I ask the default time.

I want to learn every basic thing and targeting some advance things like
Registry,create library files,classes,properties,methods,GUI programming,DX and OpenGL,
DataBases,Inheritance,Compression,and etc.. how long it normally takes.?? 1 year is that possible.? I am sick of currently what I am on cause still I can only develop some small programs in C# and VB.NET :( nothing beyond that and hardly addicted to Visual Studio Environment.


I have 2008 and it took me a week and a half to reach chap 8... (Cus i know c and a skipped on some exercises and the chapters that I know already )
How the book is setup, you only need to the first part of the chapter for Standard C++ and the next part is for C++/CLI after that you learn the STL then debugging and then the real GUI... My guess is 4 -> 6 months and about a month if you know c++ already
Hope this helps...

Good question; how good this book really is?!

Good to learn C++ then Windows programming in C++ in an MSVC++ environment...

finally I decided to study Accelerated C++

I'm still interested if someone read this book since it's based upon standard C++?!
Can one learn C++ over Visual... I mean what's difference anyway, except M$ is involved in Visual ?!

the first part of every section based on ISO/IEC C++ second part based on CLR version
so finally at end of book you learn both flavor of C++
but recommend even though you don't want to learn C++/CLI you can still try it cause ,it has been covered large part for ISO version

Is Visual C++ a good way to
- open a data file including numeric data (an array)
- make some calculations (array inversion)
- make some graphics
- compile it all????

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