hi everyone i have a couple of issues i hope to find a solution.

1.i have a data grid view with a couple of columns.the second column is a combo box whose item are names in a database, sql server 2005.i need a code that enables that when an item name is selected in column 2 drop down, the quantity of the item appears in column3, picked from the database.

2.How do you save contents of what you are going to put into the data grid, into a new table in the sql database.



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you know better show what you have done.
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just from a simple example....say you have a combo box column that you select your country from...e.g...Greece,Kenya,Russia,Brazil....and once a country is selected, the next column automatically shows the continent the country belongs to.i want the value of column 2 to be as a result of column 1.

SELECT WHERE Country = Combobox1.

you will only get logic if you don't show code.

You are trying to Bypass the learning and just dive in. You should know some basics at least before proceeding like you have.

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