been googling for 5 days.
The library has the book check out for the next 16 days.

I'm using debian lenny linux , have nasm installed .

I'm looking 1:1 assembly programing. No high level.
to me no point in learning assembly if you going to use high level commands.
i can use c and c++ for that. using macro to make my own commands are find.
i just want to see how it all works underneath the hood.

been trying to figure out how too.
iterate through strings and print numbers 1 - 100+
or how to apply fmt: '%d',10
and get size of new string

hard to find any good documents to walk me through this.
i want no c programming. i want all pure assembly
any good pdf , website , etc . to guide me.
looking for a good command index to.

what i have tried but never figure it out.

section .data
	newline:		db '',10
	newlinelen:		equ $-newline
	fmt:			db '%d',10
section .bss
	oldcx:			resb 3
section .text
	global _start
	mov eax,4
	mov ebx,1
	mov	ecx,newline
	mov edx,newlinelen
	int 80h
	mov ecx,0	
	mov [oldcx],ecx
	mov ecx,[oldcx]
	; looking for a way to print numbers
	mov eax,4
	mov ebx,1
	mov edx,3
	int 80h
	mov eax,4
	mov ebx,1
	mov	ecx,newline
	mov edx,newlinelen
	int 80h
	mov ecx,[oldcx]
	inc ecx
	cmp ecx,8
	jle again
	mov eax,1
	mov ebx,0
	int 80h
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