I am trying to make a report which provides drill down facility for each slice inside the pie chart.If the slice refers to USA then another report should be opened which will provide detailed information about orders placed in USA.But it is not working.

I have created two reports.In the first report I have created a report with pie chart and each slice as hyperlink.
In the second report I have displayed details about the orders based on the country.
For this I have used a parameter 'shipcountry' and I have used it as a prompt.

when I click on the slice for a particular country in the first report ,the name of the country should be passed to the second report and orders from that country should be displayed in the second report .

I am not able to pass 'country name ' to second report.I don't know what 'Hyperlink Reference Expression' should be used.I have tried many things but not getting the desired output.

Please help.


It has been long time since I posted this problem.
Finally my problem has been solved.

We can not create drill down reports in iReport but drill down reports can be created in JasperServer.

In the first report,in section hyperlink tab change report execution type to 'ReportExecution' and add two link parameters

_report ="\root\report\ReportLabel" //_report is repository URI for detail report

and then deploy this report in JasperServer.While deploying detail report in JasperServer, add input control of single value.



Actually under "Hyperlink" tab in chart properties, i dont find report execution type. That apart, am still able to provide a hyperlink with the second report's url and deploy it in jasperserver. While execution, the link correctly calls the secondreport andpasses the values. Am having problem only with date parameters, wherein instead of passing only the date part of the string, ex., 25-AUG-10 or25-08-2010, the entire value such as Wed Aug 25, 2010 00:00 is being passed. How do i overcome this?


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