Hi guys I need some help with an idea i have. I work for a company that does monthly audits of items in a grocery chain. I have all my field reps setup to use excel files to complete their audits and then they send them to me. At the end of each week i have to look through each audit (close to 60) to tally up the total # of voids (items not carried that they should have) and then list how many total voids for each product throughout the whole chain. I am wondering if it is possible to use a c++ program to do this or if another language can possibly do this for me. I have done something like this with a txt file before but that really is not possible for this type of thing. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

Excel can generate plain text files in CSV (comma separated values) format. You can use tabs or spaces also (though you must choose one of the three I believe).

There are libraries out there that can give you more bells and whistles but you might not need that.

It can probably be done using the macro functions within excel. You can do almost anything with them.

You can record you actions on one file and makeit repeat on many files, and at the same time write the result on a report file.

I think so atleast.. Even tho i dont got much experience with it.

If you don't want to do it in Excel or as a CVS file as previously mentioned, then I'd go with VB.NET because I think it has built-in support for Excel files. But then I could be wrong because I don't know a whole lot about vb.NET.

Here's an example of using ADO.NET (it's using VB.NET (viz AD's post) on an ASP.NET page but just ignore the ASP.NET part). You could use it with C++/CLI but that will require picking up some new syntax. If you have the fancier versions of VS (Professional or Team System or their equivalents in 2010) you can use VSTO to hook directly into Excel, but I don't know much more about it than that.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas.

Thanks guys! How hard is VB.NET to learn? Is it simialar to c++?

Once you know one language its not all that difficult to learn another. IMO VB.NET is easier to learn than c++.