Hola people :D

So now that my holidays have begun... I'm bored :P I have decided to make random stuff with Java. So till now I have upgraded my checkers game (added high scores, color 'themes' for the board, etc.), made a music player kind of thing (used JFileChooser and then played the audio), made a simple dice rolling program, made a program to give the user the digital root of a number, the fibinacci sequence, factorials, etc.

NOW I am completely bored until I learn what 12th grade has to offer. Seeing that I cannot learn it by myself, I'm going to try and make a Logo type of program :D ( I hope you guys know what the logo programming language is :P )

Here is what I hope to add in it:
4 textfields. Each has a button.
- Move Forward ( user enters how many steps and I draw a line uptil then)
- Move Backwards
- Move Left /right

And above the textfield, hopefully starting in the center of the screen will be my invisible 'turtle'. And it will get the x or y coordinate from the user (No. of steps!)
and I shall draw the line.

Now the only problem is since I'm making it in an applet and I have very very very very little experience with Graphics... I need help.

Anyone got advice on how do i go on about making my program? (A starting code would be like Christmas in july :D )

Thank you in advance :)

There are plenty of sample programs that are applets and that draw shapes etc on panels.
Try searching on the various forums for Applet, JApplet, paint( or paintComponent(
for some sample code.

I am a custom logo graphic design, but never tried to create a logo by coding, I know its possible but it will be not catchy as we can create it by using logo design tools.

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