Can any one please tell me how to merge two python files.
i have a file and a File transfer(uploading) file. I want to combine these two. As i am a beginer to python i can't modify these two files i just want to mix these two files and create a new uploading and downloading python file. so please help me. These are the two files.

SimpleHTTPServer file

"""Simple HTTP Server.

This module builds on BaseHTTPServer by implementing the standard GET
and HEAD requests in a fairly straightforward manner.


__version__ = "0.6"

__all__ = ["SimpleHTTPRequestHandler"]

import os
import posixpath
import BaseHTTPServer
import urllib
import cgi
import shutil
import mimetypes
    from cStringIO import StringIO
except ImportError:
    from StringIO import StringIO

class SimpleHTTPRequestHandler(BaseHTTPServer.BaseHTTPRequestHandler):

    """Simple HTTP request handler with GET and HEAD commands.

    This serves files from the current directory and any of its
    subdirectories.  The MIME type for files is determined by
    calling the .guess_type() method.

    The GET and HEAD requests are identical except that the HEAD
    request omits the actual contents of the file.


    server_version = "SimpleHTTP/" + __version__

    def do_GET(self):
        """Serve a GET request."""
        f = self.send_head()
        if f:
            self.copyfile(f, self.wfile)

    def do_HEAD(self):
        """Serve a HEAD request."""
        f = self.send_head()
        if f:

    def send_head(self):
        """Common code for GET and HEAD commands.

        This sends the response code and MIME headers.

        Return value is either a file object (which has to be copied
        to the outputfile by the caller unless the command was HEAD,
        and must be closed by the caller under all circumstances), or
        None, in which case the caller has nothing further to do.

        path = self.translate_path(self.path)
        f = None
        if os.path.isdir(path):
            if not self.path.endswith('/'):
                # redirect browser - doing basically what apache does
                self.send_header("Location", self.path + "/")
                return None
            for index in "index.html", "index.htm":
                index = os.path.join(path, index)
                if os.path.exists(index):
                    path = index
                return self.list_directory(path)
        ctype = self.guess_type(path)
            # Always read in binary mode. Opening files in text mode may cause
            # newline translations, making the actual size of the content
            # transmitted *less* than the content-length!
            f = open(path, 'rb')
        except IOError:
            self.send_error(404, "File not found")
            return None
        self.send_header("Content-type", ctype)
        fs = os.fstat(f.fileno())
        self.send_header("Content-Length", str(fs[6]))
        self.send_header("Last-Modified", self.date_time_string(fs.st_mtime))
        return f

    def list_directory(self, path):
        """Helper to produce a directory listing (absent index.html).

        Return value is either a file object, or None (indicating an
        error).  In either case, the headers are sent, making the
        interface the same as for send_head().

            list = os.listdir(path)
        except os.error:
            self.send_error(404, "No permission to list directory")
            return None
        list.sort(key=lambda a: a.lower())
        f = StringIO()
        displaypath = cgi.escape(urllib.unquote(self.path))
        f.write('<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN">')
        f.write("<html>n<title><marquee>Welcome To Sandeep's Space Center %s</marquee></title>n" % displaypath)
        f.write("<body>n<h2><marquee>Welcome To Sandeep's Space Center %s</marquee></h2>n" % displaypath)
        for name in list:
            fullname = os.path.join(path, name)
            displayname = linkname = name
            # Append / for directories or @ for symbolic links
            if os.path.isdir(fullname):
                displayname = name + ""
                linkname = name + ""
            if os.path.islink(fullname):
                displayname = name + "@"
                # Note: a link to a directory displays with @ and links with /
            f.write('<li><a href="%s">%s</a>n'
                    % (urllib.quote(linkname), cgi.escape(displayname)))
        length = f.tell()
        self.send_header("Content-type", "text/html")
        self.send_header("Content-Length", str(length))
        return f

    def translate_path(self, path):
        """Translate a /-separated PATH to the local filename syntax.

        Components that mean special things to the local file system
        (e.g. drive or directory names) are ignored.  (XXX They should
        probably be diagnosed.)

        # abandon query parameters
        path = path.split('?',1)[0]
        path = path.split('#',1)[0]
        path = posixpath.normpath(urllib.unquote(path))
        words = path.split('/')
        words = filter(None, words)
        path = os.getcwd()
        for word in words:
            drive, word = os.path.splitdrive(word)
            head, word = os.path.split(word)
            if word in (os.curdir, os.pardir): continue
            path = os.path.join(path, word)
        return path

    def copyfile(self, source, outputfile):
        """Copy all data between two file objects.

        The SOURCE argument is a file object open for reading
        (or anything with a read() method) and the DESTINATION
        argument is a file object open for writing (or
        anything with a write() method).

        The only reason for overriding this would be to change
        the block size or perhaps to replace newlines by CRLF
        -- note however that this the default server uses this
        to copy binary data as well.

        shutil.copyfileobj(source, outputfile)

    def guess_type(self, path):
        """Guess the type of a file.

        Argument is a PATH (a filename).

        Return value is a string of the form type/subtype,
        usable for a MIME Content-type header.

        The default implementation looks the file's extension
        up in the table self.extensions_map, using application/octet-stream
        as a default; however it would be permissible (if
        slow) to look inside the data to make a better guess.


        base, ext = posixpath.splitext(path)
        if ext in self.extensions_map:
            return self.extensions_map[ext]
        ext = ext.lower()
        if ext in self.extensions_map:
            return self.extensions_map[ext]
            return self.extensions_map['']

    if not mimetypes.inited:
        mimetypes.init() # try to read system mime.types
    extensions_map = mimetypes.types_map.copy()
        '': 'application/octet-stream', # Default
        '.py': 'text/plain',
        '.c': 'text/plain',
        '.h': 'text/plain',

def test(HandlerClass = SimpleHTTPRequestHandler,
         ServerClass = BaseHTTPServer.HTTPServer):
    BaseHTTPServer.test(HandlerClass, ServerClass)

if __name__ == '__main__':
droopy file

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*- 

# Droopy ([url][/url])
# Copyright 2008 (C) Pierre Duquesne <>
# Licensed under the Python Software Foundation License
# ([url][/url])

# Changelog
#   20100523 * Simplified Chinese translation by Ye Wei.
#   20100521 * Hungarian translation by Csaba Szigetvári.
#            * Russian translation by muromec.
#            * Use %APPDATA% Windows environment variable -- fix by Maik.
#   20091229 * Brazilian Portuguese translation by
#              Carlos Eduardo Moreira dos Santos and Toony Poony.
#            * IE layout fix by Carlos Eduardo Moreira dos Santos.
#            * Galician translation by Miguel Anxo Bouzada.
#   20090721 * Indonesian translation by Kemas.
#   20090205 * Japanese translation by Satoru Matsumoto.
#            * Slovak translation by CyberBoBaK.
#   20090203 * Norwegian translation by Preben Olav Pedersen.
#   20090202 * Korean translation by xissy.
#            * Fix for unicode filenames by xissy.
#            * Relies on instead of "localhost" hostname.
#   20090129 * Serbian translation by kotnik.
#   20090125 * Danish translation by jan.
#   20081210 * Greek translation by n2j3.
#   20081128 * Slovene translation by david.
#            * Romanian translation by Licaon.
#   20081022 * Swedish translation by David Eurenius.
#   20081001 * Droopy gets pretty (css and html rework).
#            * Finnish translation by ipppe.
#   20080926 * Configuration saving and loading.
#   20080906 * Extract the file base name (some browsers send the full path).
#   20080905 * File is uploaded directly into the specified directory.
#   20080904 * Arabic translation by Djalel Chefrour.
#            * Italian translation by fabius and d1s4st3r.
#            * Dutch translation by Tonio Voerman.
#            * Portuguese translation by Pedro Palma.
#            * Turkish translation by Heartsmagic.
#   20080727 * Spanish translation by Federico Kereki.
#   20080624 * Option -d or --directory to specify the upload directory.
#   20080622 * File numbering to avoid overwriting.
#   20080620 * Czech translation by Jiří.
#            * German translation by Michael.
#   20080408 * First release.

import BaseHTTPServer
import SocketServer
import cgi
import os
import posixpath
import macpath
import ntpath
import sys
import getopt
import mimetypes
import copy
import shutil
import tempfile
import socket
import locale

Usage: droopy [options] [PORT]

  -h, --help                            show this help message and exit
  -m MESSAGE, --message MESSAGE         set the message
  -p PICTURE, --picture PICTURE         set the picture
  -d DIRECTORY, --directory DIRECTORY   set the directory to upload files to
  --save-config                         save options in a configuration file
  --delete-config                       delete the configuration file and exit
   droopy -m "Hi, this is Bob. You can send me a file." -p avatar.png

picture ='/usr/lib/python2.5/shuri.png'
message = "Hi,It's me Sandeep. You can Upload files to me"
port = 5050
directory = os.curdir
must_save_options = False

# -- HTML templates

style = '''<style type="text/css">
body {margin:10; border:10 ; padding: 0px; background-color:#1081FC;
      text-align: center; font-size: 0.9em; font-family: sans-serif;
      padding-top: 70px;}
#wrap {width: 900px; padding: 30px; margin: auto;
       border: 5px dashed #F60BB6; background-color: #21F60B;}
#wrapform {height: 75px; padding: 50px 20px 0px 20px; text-align: center;
           margin: 0; border: 0; border-bottom: 1px dashed #ccc;}
#form {}
#sending {display: none;}
#progress {display: inline;  border-collapse: separate; empty-cells: show;
           border-spacing: 6px 0; padding: 0; vertical-align: bottom;}
#progress td {height: 15px; width: 13px; background-color: #F60BB6; 
              border: 1px solid #666; padding: 0px;}
#userinfo {border-collapse: collapse; padding:0px}
#userinfo td {border-collapse: collapse; cell-spacing: 0px; vertical-align:top}
#picture {margin: 0; padding: 20px; border: 0;}
#message {margin: 0; padding: 20px; font-family: monospace; font-size: 1.2em;
          width: 100%%;}
#linkurl {font-size: 0.8em; text-align: center; padding: 5px; float: right;
          background-color: orange; margin-top: 13px; width: 100%%;}
#linkurl a {color: white; font-weight: bold; text-decoration: none;}
#linkurl a:hover {text-decoration: underline;}

userinfo = '''
  <table id="userinfo"><tr>
    <td id="message"> %(message)s </td>

maintmpl = '''<html><head><title>%(maintitle)s</title>
''' + style + '''
<script language="JavaScript">
function swap() {
   document.getElementById("form").style.display = "none";
   document.getElementById("sending").style.display = "block";
ncell = 4;
curcell = 0;
function update() {
   setTimeout(update, 300);
   e = document.getElementById("cell"+curcell); = "#eee";
   curcell = (curcell+1) %% ncell
   e = document.getElementById("cell"+curcell); = "#aaa";
function onunload() {
   document.getElementById("form").style.display = "block";
   document.getElementById("sending").style.display = "none";	  
<div id="wrap">
  <div id="wrapform">
    <div id="form">
      <form method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="">
        <input name="upfile" type="file">
        <input value="%(submit)s" onclick="swap()" type="submit">
    <div id="sending"> %(sending)s &nbsp;
      <table id="progress"><tr>
        <td id="cell0"/><td id="cell1"/><td id="cell2"/><td id="cell3"/>
''' + userinfo + '''

successtmpl = '''
<head><title> %(successtitle)s </title>
''' + style + '''
<div id="wrap">
  <div id="wrapform">
    <a href="/"> %(another)s </a>
''' + userinfo + '''

errortmpl = '''
<head><title> %(errortitle)s </title>
''' + style + '''
  <div id="wrap">
    <div id="wrapform">
      <a href="/"> %(retry)s </a>
''' + userinfo + '''

linkurltmpl = '''<div id="linkurl">
<a href=""> %(discover)s

templates = {"main": maintmpl, "success": successtmpl, "error": errortmpl}

# -- Translations

ar = {"maintitle":       u"إرسال ملÙ",
      "submit":          u"إرسال",
      "sending":         u"المل٠قيد الإرسال",
      "successtitle":    u"تم استقبال الملÙ",
      "received":        u"تم استقبال المل٠!",
      "another":         u"إرسال مل٠آخر",
      "errortitle":      u"مشكلة",
      "problem":         u"حدثت مشكلة !",
      "retry":           u"إعادة المحاولة",
      "discover":        u"اكتشا٠عنوان هذه الصÙحة"}

cs = {"maintitle":       u"Poslat soubor",
      "submit":          u"Poslat",
      "sending":         u"Posílám",
      "successtitle":    u"Soubor doruÄen",
      "received":        u"Soubor doruÄen !",
      "another":         u"Poslat další soubor",
      "errortitle":      u"Chyba",
      "problem":         u"Stala se chyba !",
      "retry":           u"Zkusit znova.",
      "discover":        u"Zjistit adresu stránky"}

da = {"maintitle":       u"Send en fil",
      "submit":          u"Send",
      "sending":         u"Sender",
      "successtitle":    u"Fil modtaget",
      "received":        u"Fil modtaget!",
      "another":         u"Send en fil til.",
      "errortitle":      u"Problem",
      "problem":         u"Det er opstået en fejl!",
      "retry":           u"Forsøg igen.",
      "discover":        u"Find adressen til denne side"}

de = {"maintitle":       "Datei senden",
      "submit":          "Senden",
      "sending":         "Sendet",
      "successtitle":    "Datei empfangen",
      "received":        "Datei empfangen!",
      "another":         "Weitere Datei senden",
      "errortitle":      "Fehler",
      "problem":         "Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten!",
      "retry":           "Wiederholen",
      "discover":        "Internet-Adresse dieser Seite feststellen"}

el = {"maintitle":       u"Στείλε ένα αÏχείο",
      "submit":          u"Αποστολή",
      "sending":         u"Αποστέλλεται...",
      "successtitle":    u"Επιτυχής λήψη αÏχείου ",
      "received":        u"Λήψη αÏχείου ολοκληÏώθηκε",
      "another":         u"Στείλε άλλο ένα αÏχείο",
      "errortitle":      u"Σφάλμα",
      "problem":         u"ΠαÏουσιάστηκε σφάλμα",
      "retry":           u"Επανάληψη",
      "discover":        u"Î’Ïες την διεÏθυνση της σελίδας"}

en = {"maintitle":       "Send a file To Sandeep",
      "submit":          "Send",
      "sending":         "Sending",
      "successtitle":    "File received",
      "received":        "File received !",
      "another":         "Send another file.",
      "errortitle":      "Problem",
      "problem":         "There has been a problem !",
      "retry":           "Retry.",
      "discover":        "Discover the address of this page"}

es = {"maintitle":       u"Enviar un archivo",
      "submit":          u"Enviar",
      "sending":         u"Enviando",
      "successtitle":    u"Archivo recibido",
      "received":        u"¡Archivo recibido!",
      "another":         u"Enviar otro archivo.",
      "errortitle":      u"Error",
      "problem":         u"¡Hubo un problema!",
      "retry":           u"Reintentar",
      "discover":        u"Descubrir la dirección de esta página"}

fi = {"maintitle":       u"Lähetä tiedosto",
      "submit":          u"Lähetä",
      "sending":         u"Lähettää",
      "successtitle":    u"Tiedosto vastaanotettu",
      "received":        u"Tiedosto vastaanotettu!",
      "another":         u"Lähetä toinen tiedosto.",
      "errortitle":      u"Virhe",
      "problem":         u"Virhe lahetettäessä tiedostoa!",
      "retry":           u"Uudelleen.",
      "discover":        u"Näytä tämän sivun osoite"}

fr = {"maintitle":       u"Envoyer un fichier",
      "submit":          u"Envoyer",
      "sending":         u"Envoi en cours",
      "successtitle":    u"Fichier reçu",
      "received":        u"Fichier reçu !",
      "another":         u"Envoyer un autre fichier.",
      "errortitle":      u"Problème",
      "problem":         u"Il y a eu un problème !",
      "retry":           u"Réessayer.",
      "discover":        u"Découvrir l'adresse de cette page"}

gl = {"maintitle":       u"Enviar un ficheiro",
      "submit":          u"Enviar",
      "sending":         u"Enviando",
      "successtitle":    u"Ficheiro recibido",
      "received":        u"Ficheiro recibido!",
      "another":         u"Enviar outro ficheiro.",
      "errortitle":      u"Erro",
      "problem":         u"Xurdíu un problema!",
      "retry":           u"Reintentar",
      "discover":        u"Descubrir o enderezo desta páxina"}

hu = {"maintitle":       u"Ãllomány küldése",
      "submit":          u"Küldés",
      "sending":         u"Küldés folyamatban",
      "successtitle":    u"Az állomány beérkezett",
      "received":        u"Az állomány beérkezett!",
      "another":         u"További állományok küldése",
      "errortitle":      u"Hiba",
      "problem":         u"Egy hiba lépett fel!",
      "retry":           u"Megismételni",
      "discover":        u"Az oldal Internet-címének megállapítása"}

id = {"maintitle":       "Kirim sebuah berkas",
      "submit":          "Kirim",
      "sending":         "Mengirim",
      "successtitle":    "Berkas diterima",
      "received":        "Berkas diterima!",
      "another":         "Kirim berkas yang lain.",
      "errortitle":      "Permasalahan",
      "problem":         "Telah ditemukan sebuah kesalahan!",
      "retry":           "Coba kembali.",
      "discover":        "Kenali alamat IP dari halaman ini"}

it = {"maintitle":       u"Invia un file",
      "submit":          u"Invia",
      "sending":         u"Invio in corso",
      "successtitle":    u"File ricevuto",
      "received":        u"File ricevuto!",
      "another":         u"Invia un altro file.",
      "errortitle":      u"Errore",
      "problem":         u"Si è verificato un errore!",
      "retry":           u"Riprova.",
      "discover":        u"Scopri l’indirizzo di questa pagina"}

ja = {"maintitle":       u"ファイルé€ä¿¡",
      "submit":          u"é€ä¿¡",
      "sending":         u"é€ä¿¡ä¸­",
      "successtitle":    u"å—信完了",
      "received":        u"ファイルをå—ä¿¡ã—ã¾ã—ãŸï¼",
      "another":         u"ä»–ã®ãƒ•ã‚¡ã‚¤ãƒ«ã‚’é€ä¿¡ã™ã‚‹",
      "errortitle":      u"å•é¡Œç™ºç”Ÿ",
      "problem":         u"å•é¡ŒãŒç™ºç”Ÿã—ã¾ã—ãŸï¼",
      "retry":           u"リトライ",
      "discover":        u"ã“ã®ãƒšãƒ¼ã‚¸ã®ã‚¢ãƒ‰ãƒ¬ã‚¹ã‚’確èªã™ã‚‹"}

ko = {"maintitle":       u"íŒŒì¼ ë³´ë‚´ê¸°",
      "submit":          u"보내기",
      "sending":         u"보내는 중",
      "successtitle":    u"파ì¼ì´ 받아졌습니다",
      "received":        u"파ì¼ì´ 받아졌습니다!",
      "another":         u"다른 íŒŒì¼ ë³´ë‚´ê¸°",
      "errortitle":      u"ë¬¸ì œê°€ ë°œìƒí–ˆìŠµë‹ˆë‹¤",
      "problem":         u"ë¬¸ì œê°€ ë°œìƒí–ˆìŠµë‹ˆë‹¤!",
      "retry":           u"다시 ì‹œë„",
      "discover":        u"ì´ íŽ˜ì´ì§€ 주소 알아보기"}

nl = {"maintitle":       "Verstuur een bestand",
      "submit":          "Verstuur",
      "sending":         "Bezig met versturen",
      "successtitle":    "Bestand ontvangen",
      "received":        "Bestand ontvangen!",
      "another":         "Verstuur nog een bestand.",
      "errortitle":      "Fout",
      "problem":         "Er is een fout opgetreden!",
      "retry":           "Nog eens.",
      "discover":        "Vind het adres van deze pagina"}

no = {"maintitle":       u"Send en fil",
      "submit":          u"Send",
      "sending":         u"Sender",
      "successtitle":    u"Fil mottatt",
      "received":        u"Fil mottatt !",
      "another":         u"Send en ny fil.",
      "errortitle":      u"Feil",
      "problem":         u"Det har skjedd en feil !",
      "retry":           u"Send på nytt.",
      "discover":        u"Finn addressen til denne siden"}

pt = {"maintitle":       u"Enviar um ficheiro",
      "submit":          u"Enviar",
      "sending":         u"A enviar",
      "successtitle":    u"Ficheiro recebido",
      "received":        u"Ficheiro recebido !",
      "another":         u"Enviar outro ficheiro.",
      "errortitle":      u"Erro",
      "problem":         u"Ocorreu um erro !",
      "retry":           u"Tentar novamente.",
      "discover":        u"Descobrir o endereço desta página"}

pt_br = {
      "maintitle":       u"Enviar um arquivo",
      "submit":          u"Enviar",
      "sending":         u"Enviando",
      "successtitle":    u"Arquivo recebido",
      "received":        u"Arquivo recebido!",
      "another":         u"Enviar outro arquivo.",
      "errortitle":      u"Erro",
      "problem":         u"Ocorreu um erro!",
      "retry":           u"Tentar novamente.",
      "discover":        u"Descobrir o endereço desta página"}

ro = {"maintitle":       u"Trimite un fiÅŸier",
      "submit":          u"Trimite",
      "sending":         u"Se trimite",
      "successtitle":    u"Fişier recepţionat",
      "received":        u"Fişier recepţionat !",
      "another":         u"Trimite un alt fiÅŸier.",
      "errortitle":      u"Problemă",
      "problem":         u"A intervenit o problemă !",
      "retry":           u"Reîncearcă.",
      "discover":        u"Descoperă adresa acestei pagini"}

ru = {"maintitle":       u"Отправить файл",
      "submit":          u"Отправить",
      "sending":         u"ОтправлÑÑŽ",
      "successtitle":    u"Файл получен",
      "received":        u"Файл получен !",
      "another":         u"Отправить другой файл.",
      "errortitle":      u"Ошибка",
      "problem":         u"Произошла ошибка !",
      "retry":           u"Повторить.",
      "discover":        u"ПоÑмотреть Ð°Ð´Ñ€ÐµÑ Ñтой Ñтраницы"}

sk = {"maintitle":       u"Pošli súbor",
      "submit":          u"Pošli",
      "sending":         u"Posielam",
      "successtitle":    u"Súbor prijatý",
      "received":        u"Súbor prijatý !",
      "another":         u"PoslaÅ¥ Äalší súbor.",
      "errortitle":      u"Chyba",
      "problem":         u"Vyskytla sa chyba!",
      "retry":           u"Skúsiť znova.",
      "discover":        u"Zisti adresu tejto stránky"}

sl = {"maintitle":       u"Pošlji datoteko",
      "submit":          u"Pošlji",
      "sending":         u"Pošiljam",
      "successtitle":    u"Datoteka prejeta",
      "received":        u"Datoteka prejeta !",
      "another":         u"Pošlji novo datoteko.",
      "errortitle":      u"Napaka",
      "problem":         u"Prišlo je do napake !",
      "retry":           u"Poizkusi ponovno.",
      "discover":        u"PoiÅ¡Äi naslov na tej strani"}

sr = {"maintitle":       u"Pošalji fajl",
      "submit":          u"Pošalji",
      "sending":         u"Å aljem",
      "successtitle":    u"Fajl primljen",
      "received":        u"Fajl primljen !",
      "another":         u"Pošalji još jedan fajl.",
      "errortitle":      u"Problem",
      "problem":         u"Desio se problem !",
      "retry":           u"Pokušaj ponovo.",
      "discover":        u"Otkrij adresu ove stranice"}

sv = {"maintitle":       u"Skicka en fil",
      "submit":          u"Skicka",
      "sending":         u"Skickar...",
      "successtitle":    u"Fil mottagen",
      "received":        u"Fil mottagen !",
      "another":         u"Skicka en fil till.",
      "errortitle":      u"Fel",
      "problem":         u"Det har uppstått ett fel !",
      "retry":           u"Försök igen.",
      "discover":        u"Ta reda på adressen till denna sida"}

tr = {"maintitle":       u"Dosya gönder",
      "submit":          u"Gönder",
      "sending":         u"Gönderiliyor...",
      "successtitle":    u"Gönderildi",
      "received":        u"Gönderildi",
      "another":         u"Başka bir dosya gönder.",
      "errortitle":      u"Problem.",
      "problem":         u"Bir problem oldu !",
      "retry":           u"Yeniden dene.",
      "discover":        u"Bu sayfanın adresini bul"}

zh_cn = {
      "maintitle":       u"å‘é€æ–‡ä»¶",
      "submit":          u"å‘é€",
      "sending":         u"å‘é€ä¸­",
      "successtitle":    u"文件已收到",
      "received":        u"文件已收到ï¼",
      "another":         u"å‘é€å¦ä¸€ä¸ªæ–‡ä»¶ã€‚",
      "errortitle":      u"问题",
      "problem":         u"出现问题ï¼",
      "retry":           u"é‡è¯•ã€‚",
      "discover":        u"查看本页é¢çš„地å€"}

translations = {"ar": ar, "cs": cs, "da": da, "de": de, "el": el, "en": en,
                "es": es, "fi": fi, "fr": fr, "gl": gl, "hu": hu, "id": id,
                "it": it, "ja": ja, "ko": ko, "nl": nl, "no": no, "pt": pt,
                "pt-br": pt_br, "ro": ro, "ru": ru, "sk": sk, "sl": sl,
                "sr": sr, "sv": sv, "tr": tr, "zh-cn": zh_cn}

class DroopyFieldStorage(cgi.FieldStorage):
    """The file is created in the destination directory and its name is
    stored in the tmpfilename attribute.

    def make_file(self, binary=None):
        fd, name = tempfile.mkstemp(dir=directory)
        self.tmpfile = os.fdopen(fd, 'w+b')
        self.tmpfilename = name
        return self.tmpfile

class HTTPUploadHandler(BaseHTTPServer.BaseHTTPRequestHandler):

    form_field = 'upfile'

    def html(self, page):
        page can be "main", "success", or "error"
        returns an html page (in the appropriate language) as a string
        # -- Parse accept-language header
        if not self.headers.has_key("accept-language"):
            a = []
            a = self.headers["accept-language"]
            a = a.split(',')
            a = [e.split(';q=') for e in  a]
            a = [(lambda x: len(x)==1 and (1, x[0]) or
                                           (float(x[1]), x[0])) (e) for e in a]
            a = [x[1] for x in a]
        # now a is an ordered list of preferred languages
        # -- Choose the appropriate translation dictionary (default is english)
        lang = "en"
        for l in a:
            if translations.has_key(l):
                lang = l
        dico = copy.copy(translations[lang])

        # -- Set message and picture
        dico["message"] = message
        if picture != None:
            dico["htmlpicture"] = '<div id="picture"><img src="/%s"/></div>' %
            dico["htmlpicture"] = ""

        # -- Add a link to discover the url
        if self.client_address[0] == "":
            dico["port"] = self.server.server_port
            dico["linkurl"] =  linkurltmpl % dico
            dico["linkurl"] = ""

        return templates[page] % dico

    def do_GET(self):
        if picture != None and self.path == '/' + os.path.basename(picture):
            # send the picture
            self.send_header('Content-type', mimetypes.guess_type(picture)[0]) 
            self.wfile.write(open(picture, 'rb').read())
            # send the upload form
            self.send_header('Content-type', 'text/html; charset=utf-8')

    def do_POST(self):
        # Do some browsers /really/ use multipart ? maybe Opera ?
            self.log_message("Started file transfer")
            # -- Set up environment for cgi.FieldStorage
            env = {}
            env['REQUEST_METHOD'] = self.command
            if self.headers.typeheader is None:
                env['CONTENT_TYPE'] = self.headers.type
                env['CONTENT_TYPE'] = self.headers.typeheader

            # -- Save file (numbered to avoid overwriting, ex: foo-3.png)
            form = DroopyFieldStorage(fp = self.rfile, environ = env);
            fileitem = form[self.form_field]
            filename = self.basename(fileitem.filename).decode('utf-8')
            if filename == "":
                raise Exception("Empty filename")
            localpath = os.path.join(directory, filename).encode('utf-8')
            root, ext = os.path.splitext(localpath)
            i = 1
            # race condition, but hey...
            while (os.path.exists(localpath)): 
                localpath = "%s-%d%s" % (root, i, ext)
                i = i+1
            if hasattr(fileitem, 'tmpfile'):
                # DroopyFieldStorage.make_file() has been called
                shutil.move(fileitem.tmpfilename, localpath)
                # no temporary file, self.file is a StringIO()
                # see cgi.FieldStorage.read_lines()
                fout = file(localpath, 'wb')
                shutil.copyfileobj(fileitem.file, fout)
            self.log_message("Received: %s", os.path.basename(localpath))

            # -- Reply
            self.send_header('Content-type','text/html; charset=utf-8')

        except Exception, e:
            self.send_header('Content-type','text/html; charset=utf-8')

    def basename(self, path):
        """Extract the file base name (some browsers send the full file path).
        for mod in posixpath, macpath, ntpath:
            path = mod.basename(path)
        return path

class ThreadedHTTPServer(SocketServer.ThreadingMixIn,
                         BaseHTTPServer.HTTPServer):   pass

# -- Options

def configfile():
    appname = 'droopy'
    # is 'posix', 'nt', 'os2', 'mac', 'ce' or 'riscos'
    if == 'posix':
        filename = "%s/.%s" % (os.environ["HOME"], appname)

    elif == 'mac':
        filename = ("%s/Library/Application Support/%s" %
                    (os.environ["HOME"], appname))

    elif == 'nt':
        filename = ("%s%s" % (os.environ["APPDATA"], appname))

        filename = None

    return filename

def save_options():
    opt = []
    if message:
        opt.append('--message=%s' % message.replace('n', '\n'))
    if picture:
        opt.append('--picture=%s' % picture)
    if directory:
        opt.append('--directory=%s' % directory)
    if port:
        opt.append('%d' % port)
    f = open(configfile(), 'w')

def load_options():
        f = open(configfile())
        cmd = [line.strip().decode('utf8').replace('\n', 'n')
               for line in f.readlines()]
        return True
    except IOError, e:
        return False

def parse_args(cmd=None):
    """Parse command-line arguments.

    Parse sys.argv[1:] if no argument is passed.
    global picture, message, port, directory, must_save_options

    if cmd == None:
        cmd = sys.argv[1:]
        lang, encoding = locale.getdefaultlocale()
        if encoding != None:
            cmd = [a.decode(encoding) for a in cmd]
    opts, args = None, None
        opts, args = getopt.gnu_getopt(cmd, "p:m:d:h",
                                        "directory=", "help",
    except Exception, e:
        print e

    for o,a in opts:
        if o in ["-p", "--picture"] :
            picture = os.path.expanduser(a)

        elif o in ["-m", "--message"] :
            message = a
        elif o in ['-d', '--directory']:
            directory = a
        elif o in ['--save-config']:
            must_save_options = True

        elif o in ['--delete-config']:
                filename = configfile()
                print 'Deleted ' + filename
            except Exception, e:
                print e

        elif o in ['-h', '--help']:
            print USAGE

    # port number
        if args[0:]:
            port = int(args[0])
    except ValueError:
        print args[0], "is not a valid port number"

# -- 

def run():
    """Run the webserver."""
    server_address = ('', port)
    HTTPUploadHandler.protocol_version = "HTTP/1.0"
    httpd = ThreadedHTTPServer(server_address, HTTPUploadHandler)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    config_found = load_options()

    if config_found:
        print 'Configuration found in %s' % configfile()
        print "No configuration file found."
    if must_save_options:
        print "Options saved in %s" % configfile()

    print "Files will be uploaded to %s" % directory
        print "HTTP server running... Check it out at http://localhost:%d"%port
    except KeyboardInterrupt:
        print '^C received, shutting down server'
        # some threads may run until they terminate

Thanx in advance.

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Post deleted (How you delete a post?)

You cannot expect to simply combine two Python files and get the resulting code to work.
You can write one file as a module and import it into the main file.

Apparently the SimpleHTTPServer is part of the Python standard library (I did a very quick check, not a complete one). It also appears that can be treated as a library. So the way to combine them is to make sure that is on your PYTHONPATH and then write a python file uses them. Here is a bogus example

import SimpleHTTPServer as simpleServer
import droopy

#example of acess to SimpleHTTPServer
handler = simpleServer.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler()
print ("The version is: %s"%(handler.server_version))

#example of access to droopy
uploader = droopy.HTTPUploadHandler()

You do need to honor copyright requirements for both these files. Just double check to make sure you understand what they are.

(How you delete a post?)

Use the "flag bad post" link and ask really nicely ;)

It shows

rgukt08@rgukt08-laptop:~/Desktop$ python 1234
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 4, in <module>
handler = simpleServer.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler()
TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 4 arguments (1 given)

Please understand that I expect you to actually do some of the work. I showed you how to import a python module, but the key is that I said it was a bogus example. To do what you need (which you never explained) you will have to write code that does the work.

There is no point trying to actually use my code: It does nothing useful except show you how to write an import statement and make (incorrect in this case) use of that import.

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