How can I save a string input as a double linked list in dynamic memory in C++?
Thanks in advance

What have you tried so far?

I have tried to make the input string as an array. But the project I am working on can only be done using double linked list.

I still didn't write the code but I am asking to see if its douable and to see what can I use to do it, so I can research it and use it. I am doing a calculator that is able to calculate multiple calculations at the same time....
Thank U

You'll need to create a "node" class or struct that contains a data member that's a std::string (or a char *) and 2 pointers, one to the previous node and the other to the next node.

I was more asking what you had tried in code. There are countless examples of doubly linked lists on this site and on the net in general. Google for some samples.