Hi I am new to delphi and I am trying to add a new form to an existing MdiApp program which links to various SQL tables

The existing buttons that move the user from one form to another have the OnClick event (CmdBeginTestingClick). This OnClick event automatically attatches the following code

// endTime := Now();
// nextForm := TestDispatcher(tstseqNumber,true);
// nextForm.Show
// frmUnitIdentify.Hide;

I do not understand how delphi knows what the 'next form' is as I am unable to find any sort of sequence for the forms. Ultimately I would like to know where to find the order in which the forms occur and how I can insert a new form into that order so that I can have a button to take me to that form.

Thank you for your time.

for i:=0 to MainForm.MDIChildCount-1 do
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