I want to develop routine based on MAC-ID of LAN card to prevent my s/w from piracy.
The program should be able to create encryted text file containing some encryption alogorithm based on MAC-ID of LAN Card. It should be nearly impossible to recover the MAC-ID from the encrypted text file by users. My s/w will then read the text file & un-crypt the key stored it & compare with the actual MAC-ID of LAN Card. ( Do not include code to get Mac-Id from LAN Card as I am already having it)


Ravi Modi

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How do you propose to get round users changing the lan card because it has gone wrong, or something similar?

With this methodology you strictly do not need to be able to recover the MAC-ID from the encrypted text file. All you need to do is re-encrypt the MAC-ID and check that the result is the same as what is already in the text file. Just use a SHA-1 hash or something similar.

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