I have a program that is meant to send and receive pictures. There are two parts, client and server, the server sending pictures, and client receiving.the server needs to send it across the internet, then the client needs to receive and show the image in a picture box.
I put in several ideas on how to do this but none do what i want. Help please :)

There's plenty of examples how to transfer data over net. To find good examples you need correct keywords: socket and tcpsocket.

You could start by searching from DaniWeb, there's a search box in the upper right corner. Your question has been answered quite a many times in here :) Second thing to do is googling those keywords. And since you're using VB.NET you could also take a look at MSDN. MSDN is also a good place to learn the basic things you do, or have to do, with sockets.

Once you get a working client/server code and you run in to a problem, post the code here.


P.s. I suggest downloading a working sample code, at least CodeProject has a few, and play around with that code before writing your own.