As i m new to Daniweb so First of all regards to all experts.
In spite of this that i have used interfaces and abstract classes. I am still not very sure as to where to use them and why to use them.

I will be really thankful if someone provides me with some link which contains complete details of above means history, geography everything.

Thanks N Regards


Realistically if you're looking for information on the various aspects of C# programming (such as class types) I would strongly recommend the msdn.microsoft.com resource site.

Most any information you need regarding how to utilize methods and classes available in C# can be found at that site along with code samples showing their implementation.

Hope this helps :)

Hi Lusiphur

Thanks for replying. I read these articles. Actually i wanted to know where actually interfaces and abstract classes are invincible in real world situation.

Well the articles outline the usage which gives an idea of the reason behind the usage but other than that I guess I'll pass and let someone with more in-depth coding theory knowledge give this one a go :)

Sorry I wasn't much help in this case.

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