Hi, I'm working with the VB6 for my project and it's about membership in a club. Everything is near done but there are something I want to ask

Database : D-Club.mdb
Field that hold the DOB : member_dob ex: '(dd/MM/yyyy)
Field that hold the member value : member_value ex: '(16 years old)

1) How to auto delete the members from recordset when the validation expires. Ex: When the members reach 18 years old, the record will automatically delete their records from database and

2) the other members that <18 years old will increase their value by 1.

3) I working with flash and how does the button in flash programmed to integrated and control the recordset in database. When I seek it, they appear to use "fscommand" but it is not working.

Would you help?
Thanks guys and sorry about my grammar if any error in text. ^_^

Check out the DateDiff function for testing the date.

Use an Update Statement to increase the value by one or to set the field to the correct value.

Flash is not VB so I couldn't tell you. Hopefully someone can come along and give you an answer...

Good Luck

Can I have the code for the system to auto delete the record? I'm bit confusing here

Time to use your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) to search for vb6 ado tutorial or look at the pinned threads of this forum...

Good Luck

should always that program is updated or you need to use timer to execute the code in everytime you want...

first you should always need to retrieve all the data from your database before checking the condition...

here is the example of code you need..

set tablename = nothing
tablename.open "SELECT * FROM tablename",dbasename,,adlockedreadonly

dbasename.execute "DELETE FROM tablename WHERE Age >= '" & cint("18") & "'"

NOTE: this code is for VB not FLASH

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