I am new to C# and have been given someone elses' code to edit. One of the things that needs to be edited is the windows interface. Is there a way to pull up the IDE to edit the generated windows from the .designer.cs file? Thanks!

Designer.cs class contain all the details of designing .code class (.cs) and designer class are partial.In run time both classes are combined and execute as a one;

Yes, but everything that I've read said not to edit the Windows Form Generated code by hand and to just use the IDE. The .csproj project that I've been given does not have an IDE "window" in it... Is there a way to get to this editor from the information that I've been given in order to edit the program's user interface?

This "designer.cs" file in Visual Studio is there just to relieve you of the burden to do it all by yourself. Like create a button, set the size, location, text, background etc. etc. But feel free to do all those things by yourself, so copy this file to your Main program and do whatever you want to do with it.

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